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No matter what industry you operate in, one thing's for sure - it’s difficult to stand out from the competition. The foundation of any successful business strategy is having a strong brand identity. And a brand identity begins with owning an attractive, professional and unique company logo.

Why choose me?

With 20 years of experience working as a graphic designer, I know what works. When we work together, I’ll take the time to understand your business, what you do, who your customers are and how you’d like your customers to interpret your business. This includes in-depth research, making sure the new identity is individual and stands out from your competitors. It’s all about developing a new brand that’s perfect for your business.

Brand Identity Document

To accompany your chosen logo design, I'll provide a Brand Identity Document, offering guidance on how to use the logo, along with a colour pallet for both online and offline marketing, and typography that compliments your logo design. This is a great reference tool to ensure that your brand is portrayed consistently every time it's used.

Branding Prices

Brand Creation

Package includes industry and competitor research, a minimum of three logo choices, plus a Brand Identity Document.

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Logo Update

Want to refresh your current logo design? I will create a stylish new identity for your business.


Brand Guidelines

Whatever your requirements, I can provide the solution. Contact me to discuss your project.

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